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Sunday, June 01, 2008

website hosting

Information about website hosting

Vancouver, British Columbia - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - May 29, 2008 - Provider of shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting solutions, AptHost, has debuted the release of new VPS Hosting plans, exclusively tailored to developers.

Another issue the webmasters have to consider when setting up a new online site is whether the operating system they are using will be able to use the full range of software and scripts that they require. Again, Linux web hosting is a winner in this regard. Lots of major web hosting companies offer Linux web hosting and with so many people using it around the world anything that you can do with Windows hosting can also be done with Linux web hosting. Many of the most popular script packages on the web today are available in both Windows and Linux web hosting versions, with the Linux web hosting version generally being more stable and having all of the same features as their Windows cousins. This is of course my opinion and I am sure that there are some who may disagree.

Wordpress 2.5 - Update Completed

Fri, 16 May 2008 17:58:26 +0000

I finally got around to updating to the latest version of Wordpress and it was reasonably painless. I know I’ve left it a rather long time but experience has shown me that it’s often a good idea to wait a while until some of the inevitable bugs get ironed out.

I’ve always relied on the Wordpress Automatic Updates plugin in the past and it served me well again this time around. After the update and being greeted with the admin interface changes it took me an hour or so to get familiar with the new layout, but Wordpress have definitely introduced some very helpful new ideas.

The first thing I noticed was the notifications in the plug ins menu advising of new versions, along with an extremely useful auto update feature. This wouldn’t work for me, but the problem had already been encountered by many others so finding the solution was quick and easy (another benefit of not upgrading to soon). Disabling the automatic updates plugin allowed me to quickly update all the items with a few mouse clicks - I like that!

The next problem was that none of my pages were accessible aside from the main index! I was getting nothing but redirect errors. Luckily for me a quick search in the Wordpress forums led me to an easy to implement solution. It’s all to do with those canonical URL’s and the fix was a case of installing the “Disable Canonical URL Redirection ” plugin which took a couple of minutes. I’m not sure if I should leave that as a permanent fix or not, but it works and solves the immediate problem.

Aside from those issues, the upgrade went very well and I breathed a sigh of relief. I lost one plugin that was not compatible with the new WP version and is not going to be developed further.

In all, I like the new admin interface, I love the auto update feature for plugins and think that overall, the new WP has introduced some great improvements.

I have also added a new feature for commenters in the form of SezWho so that now in conjunction with dofollow, comments are given even further benefit to those who contribute.

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UK-2 Group intends to continue operation of midPhase’s various brands, including:, and, due to its successful approach and market leadership to date. UK2 will not integrate midPhase into any existing UK-2 Group brand. This means there will be no impact on existing midPhase customers in terms of products, services, prices and support. UK-2 does not plan to migrate servers and has chosen to collocate the existing midPhase servers with SingleHop, Inc., a company owned and operated by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman.

Full virtualization using XEN

Mon, 24 Sep 2007 01:43:56 -0400
Virtualization is a technique of dividing a single server into several Virtual Servers, according to hardware and/or software, CPU Time/Process scheduling and memory allocation. Users can install and use their own Operating Systems simultaneously on these virtual servers.

Green Web Hosting - Is It the Future?

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 13:47:05 GMT
The green web hosting options have expanded quite a bit in recent months. Which one should you choose? Well, right now it appears that the primary discriminator is the method by which they power their datacenters. One group buys Renewable Energy Certificates; these insure that the power they use is generated in an ecofriendly manner. This is typically wind or solar, but it could also be biogas or geothermal as well. The second group actually generates their own power directly from renewable energy, usually wind and solar.

T35 Hosting in Business Week’s 101 Best Web Freebies

Wed, 28 Nov 2007 16:46:51 +0000

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